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BancTrust & Co. is a boutique investment bank dedicated to Latin America that focuses on providing structured financial solutions for a select client base made up of corporates operating in LatAm, asset managers investing in LatAm high yield credit, financial institutions, and government entities.


BancTrust & Co. has built its business based on establishing long-term client relationships, understanding and providing the services and products that our clients need, and sound risk management.

We have consistently expanded our business and strengthened our capabilities to keep pace with the expanding needs of our clients and the challenges of an ever-evolving marketplace.

Our primary activities are organized in three core interrelated areas:

+ Invesment Banking

+ Global Markets

+ Asset Management

Founded in 1995, BancTrust & Co. had established offices located around the world.

  • Wednesday, August 16 2017

    -Crystallex International Corp. filed a notice in Delaware’s federal court against PDV Holding’s shares, owned by PDVSA and considered by the mining company to be alter ego of the sovereign. The legal team of Crystallex asked for the issuance of a “Fieri Facias” Writ of Attachment, which would instruct a sheriff to seize and sell the defendant’s property with the intention of satisfying the award. This decision comes after on early June a District Court in Washington authorized Crystallex to pursue the enforcement of the

  • Tuesday, August 15 2017

    - Yesterday government’s declarations continue to surround the subject with the latest Donald Trump’s statements, with the Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, saying that this kind of statements are dangerous for Venezuela and the region, reason why he said they will –from now on- be taking necessary measures to defend the country’s sovereignty. In this regards, later on the afternoon, President Nicolas Maduro called for military exercises the next 27 August, as he argued that President Trump was making a big mistake.

  • Tuesday, August 15 2017

    - During his official visit to Colombia, US VP Mike Pence stated that the United States will continue to act "to support the people of Venezuela in their struggle for freedom". When asked about recent statements by President Donald Trump, Pence affirmed that any "military option" will not be considered and stressed that President Trump was just expressing "determination". Meanwhile in Venezuela, the government called for new demonstration today "in defense of the homeland" and as a protest against the US President's statements.

  • Friday, August 11 2017
    Venezuela - According to information provided by Bloomberg, CITGO is seeking to buy heavy Canadian oil for its refineries on the US Gulf Coast to offset an alleged lower oil supply by its parent company, PDVSA. Citgo already buys Canadian oil for its Lemont refinery in Illinois. As we followed in previous days, Reuters reported that PDVSA has been supplying less crude to CITGO in order to increase oil shipments to Rosneft, under an oil pre-sale agreement. In other regard, Credit Suisse informed it has banned trading of PDVSA 2022 bonds and Venezuela 2036 bonds as well as

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