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  • Thursday, October 19 2017


    - Yesterday the National Constituent Assembly (ANC for its words in Spanish) carried out the oath for the 18 governors elected in last Sunday regional elections. The oath took place under the constituent decree that establish that the new regional leaders must be summited to the ANC authority. At the same time, the opposition party (MUD) stated that their five candidates would only be summited to the Constitution and the laws of the Republic and not before the ANC. We believe that given the oppo

  • Wednesday, October 18 2017


    - The Japanese financial firm Nomura estimates, based on the results of the regional elections, that the next group of sanctions established by the United States would be delayed until next year, in order to apply more pressure in a context of a presidential election calendar. We believe the sanctions will remain individual and targeted to members or people close to the government. Read More >>

  • Tuesday, October 17 2017


    - Angel Oropeza, Political Coordinator of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD in Spanish), was in charge of delivering the response in the aftermath of the regional elections, setting out a roadmap containing the next four steps that the opposition coalition will start executing "immediately". The actions refer to: calling for a domestic and international effort for revamping the electoral system - in order to celebrate free and fair presidential and regional elections -; elaborating a report e

  • Tuesday, October 10 2017


    - According to the deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Angel Alvarado, CPI for September reached 36.3% and made the accumulated figure for 2017 to stand at 536.2%. In this regard, the AN calculus seems to have been influenced by the cessation of operations in the DICOM system, making very tight FX offers. In our view, this was something foreseeable as local economy performance is highly linked with parallel FX performance which has seen a boost since DICOM stopped the auctions. Latest statemen

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