BofA Joins Barclays Flashing Venezuela Buy Signal: Andes Credit

By Sebastian Boyd and Eduardo Thomson Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela, trying to quell protests against President Nicolas Maduro that have left more than a dozen dead, is winning over Bank of America Corp. and Barclays Plc after the nation

Estiman mayor conflictividad

febrero 25, 2014 | 3:41 pm Economía | Afirman que este podría ser el peor momento que el chavismo ha enfrentado en quince años El banco de inversión BancTrust indicó que “hay pocos indicios” de que las protestas en toda

Argentine bonds rally as government fesses up to inflation surge

By Charlie Devereux, Katia Porzecanski and Camila Russo February 14, 2014 Argentine bonds rallied the most in emerging markets after the government unveiled a new inflation index that marks the most concrete sign it’s ready to move away from policies

Maduro guns for “overpriced” electronics – what next?

Nov 11, 2013 3:09pm by Andres Schipani First, he came for the toilet paper factory. Then, late on Friday, Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro seized a national chain of electronic stores as part of his battle against galloping inflation and rampant

Venezuela ‘optimise’ every dollar

Andres Schipani Venezuela keeps fidgeting with its tight foreign exchange controls. Earlier this week President Nicolás Maduro announced the government was restructuring the way it allocates greenbacks in its import-dependent economy.