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  • Friday, December 2 2016

    - President Nicolas Maduro stated yesterday that the Venezuelan oil basket closed November at USD42.18, a USD4.1 intraday difference which he said was due to the agreement reached in the OPEC meeting at Viena. In addition, Maduro said that the YTD average price for the Venezuelan basket reached USD34.3, which compares with the average price of 2015 at USD44.65. Finally, he also detailed that current production costs total USD20. We believe that the agreement will indeed be positive for Venezuelan oil prices at least in the short-t

  • Thursday, December 1 2016

    - Yesterday, OPEC finally reach an agreement to cut oil production in 1.2mbpd causing an immediate positive reaction in international markets. In this regard, the President, Nicolas Maduro, stated that two years of efforts have given results and that in the next days the government will consolidate this new alliance. Additionally, it was known before the meeting that the Oil Minister, Eulogio Del Pino, was confident that if the agreement was carry out with a reduction of 4% in total production, the prices per barrel could reach be

  • Wednesday, November 30 2016

    - After what seemed as a done deal, the OPEC will be gathering today to decide over the informal agreement reached on September to curb the group’s crude output to 32.5-33mbpd and try to break the deadlock the cartel faces. The statement by Iran’s minister that the country won’t cut its production as well as Russia’s no-show in this Wednesday meeting in Vienna, in addition to rumors regarding Saudi Arabia that will reject the deal have affected oil prices that at time of redaction was in USD45.28/bbl, an average loss of 3.

  • Tuesday, November 29 2016

    - President Nicolas Maduro stated on Sunday, during an official event, that the dialogue between the government and the opposition coalition MUD (for its Spanish initials) must continue through 2017 and 2018. He insisted that agreements should be reached in order to recover the economy and avoid “economic war” against the country. Nevertheless, the deputy from the Popular Will party Freddy Guevara stated that the political responsibility trial against the President should be reactivated in case of dates for a recall referendum


BancTrust & Co. is a boutique investment bank dedicated to Latin America and specialized in High Beta LatAM & the Caribbean Credit Markets; mainly Venezuela, Argentina, and Dominican Republic.

The firm operates through various entities located across The Americas and Europe. As a group of companies, we facilitate global market transactions to a diverse client base that includes corporate treasuries, financial institutions, asset managers, and governments and its entities.

  • Venezuela Weekly Report

    Dialogue Agenda Does Not Include Elections

    November 23 2016 BancTrust & Co. Research Team

    PSUV deputy Elias Jaua referred to the dialogue process in a recent interview. Jaua is one of the negotiators on behalf of the government in the dialogue process. According to him, the Recall Referendum or the request of general elections has not been presented by the opposition over the dialogue process and stated that the opposition must be clear with its supporters in this matter. Such statement is completely opposite to what several opposition representatives have been stating, about the discussion of an electoral route that includes a general election (including the presidency) to be made next year, as part of the negotiations. All-in, we still don’t see a government change next year. Read more

  • Argentina Weekly Report

    Tax Amnesty on Track

    November 23 2016 BancTrust & Co. Research & Strategy Team

    According to the head of AFIP (Argentina’s tax agency), a total of USD21.9bn has been declared in the tax amnesty, being USD7.2bn in local cash holdings. This is a positive result as the government reached its USD20bn goal before 2017; 4 months in advanced. The declared cash holdings surpass our most conservative expectation of at least USD6bn being declared. Read more

  • Quantitative Reports

    EM Quantitative Chartbook Weekly Report

    July 17 2015 Research & Strategy Team

    Below we produce the Par Equivalent CDS spread metrics in order to assess the credit relative value and identify the bonds that are cheap or expensive relative to what we describe as a theoretical fair value curve. Graphs and tables below show results of these calculations for Venezuela, PDVSA, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Panama, Turkey, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil. Read more

  • Entrevista en CNN con José Antonio Montenegro sobre Argentina Source: CNN | Added on July 1, 2016

    Entrevista en CNN con José Antonio Montenegro sobre Argentina Source: CNN | Added on July 1, 2016

    July 1 2016

    Entrevista en CNN con José Antonio Montenegro sobre Argentina 2/3| Source: CNN | Added on July 1, 2016 Entrevista en CNN con José Read more